Royal Charles Saved !!!

New Page Coming Soon: The story of Royal Charles, the man (Fred Banke!) who invested in her restoration, and their connection to the 300th anniversary of the sinking of the 1715 Spanish Fleet off the coast of Florida. As we follow Fred on the rebuild of his new aquisition, James will be executing a series of paintings tracing the doomed treasure ships (including the beautiful Hampton Court) from South America to Havana to their final destination.

 Original Paintings/Prints

Windward off of Nantucket Boston CA-69 Royal Charles Monarches of the Sea (Cunard): QE2 and QM2 in New York Harbor

James Flood original paintings, art prints, and canvas reproductions of sailing vessels, ocean liners, tall ships and ships of war are available for purchase. Please see the selection of his work in Original Paintings and Prints.

Also check out Jim's scratch built ship models Here. Includes step-by-step photos.

Duchess of Portsmouth

James Flood built and hand-carved this beautiful boat, Duchess of Portsmouth. He & Duchess can often be observed motoring in South Florida waterways.

Sinking of the Spanish Treasure Fleet in 1715

Here Jim's artwork depicts the sinking of the Spanish Treasure Fleet in three scenes: Above the flagship Noestra del Carmen y San Antonio (formerly HMS Hampton Court) is portrayed in the midst of the storm, other fleet ships failing in the distance.


Above the Spanish Treasure Fleet is depicted sailing out of Havana Harbor in late July.


Hampton Court After the Storm

Above depicts the former Hampton Court beached off the Coast of South Florida, officials having arrived from Havana to oversee salvage.