Original Paintings/Prints

James Flood original paintings, art prints, and canvas reproductions of sailing vessels, ocean liners, tall ships and ships of war are available for purchase. Please see the selection of his work in Original Paintings and Prints.

Also check out Jim's scratch built ship models Here. Includes step-by-step photos.

USS Oklahoma Model

New Paintings/HMS Hood

HMS Hood

HMS Hood is depicted here running trials off the the Isle of Arran in 1920. When completed, this war ship was the biggest, fastest, and most handsome battlecruiser in the world and remained so for the next 20 years. On board during speed trials were Vice Admiral Sir Roger Keyes, commander of the first battlecruiser squadron and her designer, Sir Eustace d'Eyncourt, director of naval construction. The trials were a remarkable success, the ship achieving 31.9 knots on a 44,600 ton displacement in 17 foot waves with force 8 winds.

Information page about this ship and painting under construction.

HMS Hampton Court

Here Jim's artwork depicts the sinking of the Spanish Treasure Fleet in three scenes: Above the flagship Noestra del Carmen y San Antonio (formerly HMS Hampton Court) is portrayed in the midst of the storm, other fleet ships failing in the distance.