Marine Artwork & Model Building Commissions

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With well over half a century of painting ships and building models, James Flood brings to his marine artwork commissions skills that continue to grow with time and experience. Behind this mastery is talent that emerged from a life long passion for ships. His passions likewise extend to the histories behind these vessels. From naval battles to the family history hidden in immigration ships, he believes each ship has a soul behind its stories. And a painting behind its soul.

James has been working on commissions for over thirty-five years during which he has developed  a rapport with his clients. The growth of technology that has advanced in the past two decades has served to advance that purpose.  The client becomes a key element as the artwork progresses from sketch to completion.  Throughout the process, the client will receive updates and can request adjustments to the painting as it is being created. The ultimate goal is to create a unique work of art which reflects the client’s own visualization.

We invoice in two installments, a deposit to begin the commission process and the balance upon completion. The cost of the commission will be determined during the initial consultation.

While James prefers to work with acrylic on canvas, he is equally accomplished in working with oils and can paint in that medium upon request.

Fun video by Ken English about Jim Flood’s artwork.