This painting depicts USS New Jersey at sea in rough weather, heading for the gun line off the coast of Vietnam. At this time, the artist was serving on board as a petty officer 2nd Class in the Navigation Department. A mural of the first version of the painting exists today in the museum section on board US New Jersey in Camden, New Jersey, where she is permanently berthed.
Revised version of the original USS New Jersey painting. James painted over the original to better portray the action of the water flowing off the decks.

Great website full of photos and history created by crew member (Vietnam Era) Bert Trottier, also known as the Last Bugler : The Last US Navy Bugler

Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial : Battleship New Jersey

Below are two photographs taken of James Flood on board USS New Jersey. The first shows him on 04 level in 1968 displaying a painting of USS New Jersey that he had been working on in 06 level. The photograph just below that is of James decades later while visiting the battleship, now a museum. The painting shown in the later photograph is a recreation of the original. Both photographs taken by Bert Trottier, the Last US Navy Bugler (see link above). The first painting is believed to be somewhere in US Navy archives; its image was used as endcovers for the 1968/1969 USS New Jersey Cruise Book.

James A Flood on board with his painting of USS New Jersey 1968