RMS Queen Mary 2 in the Solent, 2004

Queen Mary 2 in the Solent

Painting of RMS Queen Mary 2 in the Solent, RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 in the Background.

Ocean Liner Collection of Paintings

Launched in 2004, RMS Queen Mary 2, flagship of Cunard Line, is a colossal transatlantic ocean liner, measuring one thousand one hundred and thirty two feet in length, with a beam of 120 feet, with a draft of 32’8”. Her height from keel to funnel is 236 feet. Her passenger capacity is 3,090, and her speed is 30 knots. Although larger cruise ships have been made, QM2 remains the largest ocean going liner.

A basic view: The ship offers over 1300 cabins, from the simple (although comfortable) to the ultra-luxurious, many restaurants (although a few are exclusive to the less economical staterooms), children’s nursery, two-tier theater, multi-purpose theater/planetarium, large dance hall with stage, karaoke in the Golden Lion Club, live musical entertainment, and a casino.

Many of the artist’s paintings are displayed throughout the ship, two in the Commodore Lounge on 9 Deck and many surrounding both sides of the Illuminations Theater and extended halls. Intermittently, between 2004 and 2006, James taught art classes on board.

In this painting Queen Mary 2 is portrayed building up speed as she departs the Solent on a very clear but brisk day early in her career. A hearty crew of yachtsmen, made from the brave sort of sailor that only Britain breeds, take in the spectacle of this new ship.

Astern of this great Cunarder steams the beloved QE2. These two ships, along now with ms Queen Victoria and ms Queen Elizabeth, are the proud upholders of a tradition that dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century. It includes such proud liners as Mauretania, Aquitania, Barengaria, Carmania, and many others.

Fine on the starboard quarter of QM2 a tanker has not yet made the turn into the channel leading to open sea.

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