RMS Titanic – Manhattan Skyline

RMS Titanic Passing Lower Manhattan, 'What-If?' Series

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Ocean Liner Collection of Paintings

In this fictional painting, RMS Titanic is depicted making her way to New York Harbor, White Star Line, Pier 59 following a successful maiden voyage. Celebration bursts from the docks, crowds cheering in sequence as she maneuvers her way up the Hudson River. It is the morning of April 17th, 1912.
In the background is the glorious skyline of Lower Manhattan, the magnificent age of the skyscraper still in its youthful beauty. Prominent buildings visible from left to right are as follows: Foreground Pier 14 (Fall River Line) backed by City Investment Building, then Singer Tower. Foreground Jersey Central Rail backed by Liberty Building and Washington Life. Foreground Pier 13 backed by US Realty Building, Trinity Building and Banker’s Trust. Then visible above Titanic’s lines and continuing left to right: Empire Building, Manhattan Life Building, Trinity Church Steeple, 90 West Building, Bowling Green Building, International Marine & Mercantile Building, and Greater Whitehall Buildings. Pier 1 and Pier A are visible in the distance just behind Titanic’s stern.
In the water, adjacent to Piers 13 and 14 is the lovely Fall River liner Patricia docked next to a local steamer cargo ship. Titanic herself is surrounded by a fleet of NYH tugs while in the foreground to the left a party boat steams forward, loaded with city notables. Maneuvering her way through the wake of the party boat is the artist’s super yacht, Duchess II, thrown backward in time and carrying the artist, his wife and their friends. To the far right in the painting steams the Fall River Liner Pilgrim, followed by yet another tug. Closer to the stern of Titanic is JP Morgan’s yacht, Corsair II.

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