SS Cymric

In this painting, SS Cymric, a passenger steamship of the White Star Line, is portrayed in Cork Harbour, Ireland. Known as one of the world’s deepest harbors, it enables the town of Queenstown (now Cobh) to display all its glorious colors just beyond the ship. The year is 1914 and the nearly completed steeple of St. Colmans rises up high above the town. Sixteen bells were just installed with more to come. World War 1 is about to commence and before the end of the year SS Cymric is to be refitted as a troop ship. The terminal offices of White Star Line can be viewed to the very far left of the harborscape. It was here in Queenstown 1912 that passengers arranged to be ferried out to board RMS Titanic where she sat anchored at Roaches Point. To the front right, two men can be seen rowing a currach, a rowing boat singular to the west coast of Ireland. The design dates far back in time. Used primarily for fishing and transport, it was constructed originally as a wood frame covered with animal skin; later builds were covered in canvas. In the background to the right a small working schooner is anchored, her sails lowered, perhaps awaiting last minute passengers.