Titanic Anchored Off Roches Point

Titanic at Anchor

    Painting Title:

    RMS Titanic embarked on her maiden journey from Southampton on April 10th,
    setting sail at mid-day for her transatlantic voyage. It was well into evening by the
    time the ship, having crossed the English Channel, reached Cherbourg, France.
    There, two Cherbourg ship tenders, SS Nomadic and SS Traffic, both built by
    Harland and Wolff for White Star Line, began conveying passengers to and from
    the legendary liner which was moored out in Cherbourg’s harbour.

    That same evening Titanic continued her course, now heading for Queenstown,
    Ireland. She arrived around midday on April 11th. Rather than enter the harbour,
    Titanic anchored in Queenstown Roads off Roches Point Lighthouse, a move
    to save both time and tug fares. Two tenders, PS Ireland and PS America, also
    built by Harland and Wolff, served as transport for embarking and disembarking
    In this painting, RMS Titanic is depicted anchored off Roches Point, with the
    midday sun breaking through the parting clouds. Tender PS America, closely
    paired to the ship, is in the process of mooring to expedite the offloading of
    passengers and mail. Perched in the background to the left is the classically
    charming Roches Point Lighthouse. In the foreground left a few rowers have
    ventured out to admire what must have been an astounding sight.