USS Olympia (C-6)

USS Olympia


This offset lithographic print of an original painting by James A Flood has been professionally manufactured in the United States of America.

Signed by the artist

Paper size is 21″ height x 28 1/2″ width

Image size is 15 1/2″ height x 21 3/4″ width

Admiral Dewey’s flagship brand new in 1885. The elaborate scroll work on her bow and stern was removed sometime before her famous action at Manila Bay in 1998 and shipped to the US Naval Academy in Annapolis where it can be seen today. Cruiser Olympia herself is docked and on display at Philadelphia Seaport Museum, the sole floating survivor of the US Navy’s Spanish-american War Fleet. Tours are available to the public.

Cruiser Olympia at the Philadelphia Seaport Museum, Photographs and History : Philadelphia Seaport Musem/Olympia

Excellent selection of photographs of Cruiser Olympia : USS Olympia: Fifteen Minute Tour

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