Flagship USS Pennsylvania

Flagship USS Pennsylvania

Flagship USS Pennsylvania Painting

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Battleship USS Pennsylvania (BB-38) is portrayed in this painting passing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco. She is the flagship for the Navy Fleet. The year is 1937. Here she is depicted heading the fleet as part of the ceremonies for the newly opened bridge.

Nearby onlookers can be viewed in the foreground gathered along the banks taking in the view of the spectacular super-dreadnought warship as she passes by.

As a point of interest, the original artwork was completed in Miami, Florida just before hurricane Andrew came through in 1992. Travel by car was all but impossible. Because James lived on the Miami river at the time, he could get about by boat. However it was two weeks before power was restored. Time was in suspension, and there was little else to do. He decided to pick the brush back up. Thus the onlookers were added into the foreground.

Jim’s earlier painting of Battleship USS Pennsylvania

Dry but otherwise concise and accurate historical information about USS Pennsylvania

 The artist’s scratch-built 4 foot model of USS Pennsylvania, which he initiated at the age of 15.  The model has since undergone many modifications.