Cunards Monarchs of the Sea

Cunard's Monarchs of the Sea

Painting of Cunard’s Monarch of the Sea

Ocean Liner Collection of Paintings

This painting commemorates the historic tandem voyage of Queen Elizabeth 2 and Queen Mary 2.

25 April 2004: It is late afternoon, and a golden sunlight bathes the harbor. Cunard’s glistening new flagship, Queen Mary 2, sets sail from the port of New York. Nearby Queen Elizabeth 2, still every inch a monarch, sets sail in tandem on this, possibly her last, voyage across the Atlantic to Southampton. Crowds crest at every convenient vantage point, their cheering reflected in the waving arms of the passengers lining the promenade decks of these two magnificent ships. All have come to see and to be part of this epic event.

Transcript covering the tandem voyage, by Captain Roger Emtage

Painting by James Flood of the three Cunard Queens Meeting in New York Harbor, Victoria Joins the Fleet