SS United States at Sea

SS United States at Sea

Speed Queen SS United States, Still with us Today

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About SS United States

The last ocean liner to capture and hold the Blue Ribbon, SS United States was never pressed beyond 3/4 power and yet was believed to have achieved the incredible speed of 43 knots on her trial. She was to make over 400 successful transatlantic crossings before being retired in 1969, the victim of an ever-busying population attracted to the speed and economy of air travel.
SS United States Conservancy is an organization dedicated to the preservation of SS United States (The original painting of SS United States at Sea is with the conservancy). Many attempts have been made, many entities have stepped forward, but to date none have been able to save this beloved American icon. Following a feasibility study, Crystal Cruises, the last to try, discontinued their plan to bring her back into service. Again orphaned, SS United States is back on the brink of extinction.

More information about preservation of this historical ship can be found at the Conservancy’s website: SS United States Conservancy

Painting of SS United States Departing New York Harbor