USS Boston 1825 – 18-gun Sloop of War

USS Boston Sloop-of-War, 1825

Painting of USS Boston (1825)

Tall Ships Collection of Paintings

The Fourth USS Boston:  (1825), Sloop-of-War, was an18-gun sloop of war commissioned in 1826. She served in the Mediterranean, South Atlantic, and East and West Indies protecting American interests. She encountered a heavy squall and wrecked in the Bahamas in 1846.

In this painting by James A. Flood, the sloop-of-war Boston is getting underway from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania around 1831. A shore boat is about to cast off from the starboard side. The ship is still moving very slowly (no problem for the small boat yet) and she is close hauled and tacking, as she has to clear the anchored boat in the foreground. The wind is on the Boston’s port bow now, and it’s a fine morning. She will gradually turn away from the wind and finally end up on a broad reach as she heads downstream.

Please note that USS Boston is a popular term only;  technically speaking, American Colonial and United States ships of war did not carry the prefix USS until 1907.

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